Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I've been cleaning a lot. The yurt is in pretty good shape right now, assuming Luba hasn't found anything to get into while I'm away. I have a wonderful new book of cleaning recipes, all made with the same basic ingredients, all natural, and, I"m discovering all effective!

We have an old wool rug. It's faded and worn, and until the other day, it was pretty dirty. I'd beat it out occassionally, sweep it off everyday, but it never really refreshed until I took it out, hung it on my car and brushed it clean with a though little brush and a big bottle of homemade "rug refresher." The rug refresher is just vinegar and hot water, with eucalyptus and lavender essential oils; shaken together and sprayed over the rug. It worked like a dream and my rug is still faded and still worn, but so clean it makes a world of difference. It will be fantastic for the winter as well, when we have more rugs out, and spend so much more time indoors! The leftover rug-refresher worked perfectly to clean our glass hurricanes as well, the soot just rinsed away. I'm thrilled.

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