Saturday, July 2, 2011

My parents put up with a lot. I'm continually impressed at how well they handle the lifestyle difference - especially now as we prepare to welcome our child, their first grandchild, into a home with not running water, no electricity, and deep woods all around. It must take a good deal of trust, which I appreciate, and a good deal of patience, to deal with the constant feeling of newness, exploration, and uncertainty.

I realize as I think about all this how very non-mobile my life has become, and how much less mobile it will become as we build our little homestead, adding animals, gardens, and expanding our home. I feel so very
refreshed by the thought of being rooted and strong and full of direction, most of my restless travel during and after college came from a lack a direction; but I know this rootedness could be more a source of worry for my parents, who are used to the ability to travel and who love to gather their children home - where family, friends, and neighbors are nearby. I love gathering home too, seeing the old spots, and reconnecting with people I love, but I am refreshed in my home, and being there is a continual joy, as well as an unending project.

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