Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The cradle is done, but unpainted. I need to check the mail-box
 tonight to see if the milk-paint we ordered has arrived. 
 I love the cradle, it's so pretty, so welcoming,
 and so very cozy looking!

Luba does not love the cradle. She was interested at first,
 but it lacks the appealof chickens in the yard, and when we put her in it,
it rocked in a scaryway, and Luba was out and away from it.
She hates rocking things.

Our stream is warm enough to bathe in again! And full of tadpoles,
 tiny fish, and crawfish. Even Luba will go in now, so long as she can feel the bottom.
I should wash today, gardening is dirty work. I planted my cabbage and broccoli
seedlings in the front garden - two rows of each!

The Solstice was sunny, bright, long and hot. We had daylight before 5am that
lasted past 9 at night. We thought of burning things, but instead just admired
our land, and the fantastic evening sky.

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