Saturday, August 20, 2011

Just about a month ago we baptized Yarrow. I don't actually have any photos from the baptism. People were taking photos, but we didn't, we just barely made to the church in time, and afterwards, just barely made it home in time for the party. But her lovely garments are still around for photographs. My mom made the
 bonnet to match the lace she had made for my wedding dress, which we cut up and used as the baptismal dress. I coated both the dress and Yarrow herself with amber.

After a month of slow gaining,Yarrow is now getting nice and heavy, and hopefully she'll be able to keep it up without getting too fat! As the nights have been getting chillier (it feels like September already) she's waking up to eat more often. I think we'll have to start up the stove at night pretty soon.

I'm hoping she lets me do the very intense autumn cleaning I have planned for early September. I also hope the weather stays reasonably nice long enough for us to have a good, long, autumn harvest, because I really want more beets and tomatoes!
So..what are we drinking guys?

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