Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Cleaning

I've done laundry a lot this week, more than my Tuesday: Laundry Day could accomodate. There are so many sheets and blankets that need to be freshened up for the chilly autumn nights. The gardens are almost ready to be put to bed, apart from the root crops, chard, and cabbage. I have hopes, in these coming weeks, of tilling most of the garden under, expanding, and sinking fence-posts, to make the spring-time fence building easier.

Papering the outhouse is coming along nicely, though slowly, and I'm almost out of poems. I've decided to set some candles and a lighter in the outhouse so that trips in the dark will be less spooky. The outhouse looking nice has become a bit of a passion for me. I'm looking forward to seeing it in all it's glory, which still requires a good deal of paint, poems, and shelving. The kitchen is an obvious priority, but it's not really within my skill level, so I focus on the outhouse.

I'm amazed at how quickly the summer went. The leaves are changing, the nights are cold, and the sun sets earlier each evening. I'm thinking of bonfires and apple-picking, pumpkins and roasted vegetables. I wish we could hover right here for another few months.

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