Friday, September 23, 2011

Russian Tea and Rich Butter

My Peter the Great black tea has gained renewed popularity at our house. It looks fantastic in blue and white cups, is strong, smooth and warming, and pairs perfectly with bread and the rich, fresh butter I found recently at the co-op nearby. In college we discovered an Amish-made butter so good it would sneak into our dreams, tempting us to make "butter sandwiches".  This is that butter, different farm, different label, same amazing taste.  Bread and butter with tea has never seemed so decadent. 

I drank a lot of tea this week. My mind has been working on the idea of getting a group together to discuss terms such as masculine, feminine, and feminist. Not in the effort to come to any consensus, but to explore  how these words make us feel, why we respond to them the way we do, and how that effects our lives. I hope I'm able to make the discussion happen.

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