Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year

We went out to Michigan and Ohio for New Year's, to visit family and stand as godparents for our good friends' new baby. The drive out was long, but Yarrow and Luba handled it well - sleeping a lot and giving us long stretches of drive time. We leave tomorrow for the drive home, I plan to be off early in the morning and be well into the drive before the sun rises, which out here isn't too difficult, the dawn is a good hour and a half later.

It's been a good trip, but I'm missing home more and more. The Christmas octave is my usual time to purge the house of excesses, to better incorporate gifts and keep the cozy winter atmosphere going. I know our tree needs water, and our chickens would like a chance to get out and scratch at the frozen ground. I know the house-spiders have been making cobwebs across the dome, and I'm looking forward to the scent of woodsmoke on my clothes again.

I'm looking forward to the drive as well. I love long drives with my husband. I love the frequent stops for truck-stop coffee and the radio stations that come and go as we pass through town after town.  But first I need to sleep off a late New Year's eve, reconnect with some old friends, and give long-delayed birthday gifts to my brothers.

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