Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Co-Sleeping..Who Knew?!

I’ve never been a fan of the idea of sharing my bed consistently with a baby. Not because I don’t love my daughter, but because I really do enjoy a bit of space, and because I hear too many complaints from ‘family bed’ families about children that refuse to grow out of the bed for years. It’s not a bad system, I’m sure, if the couple knows how to navigate the common troubles, but I was leery of the troubles associated with the family bed. In addition to all this, I knew that I - a borderline insomniac - don’t need an excuse to sleep lighter than I already do.

Recently though, after telling everyone that we “didn’t do the co-sleeping thing” learned that putting the sleeping Petka down in a cradle beside the bed was considered by many a co-sleeping option, because she is right beside us, because she falls asleep in our arms, and wakes to love and warm milk. And I can see the similarities. Being so close, there is no time between her waking and receiving comfort. She is not alone or isolated in the dark night. Not that she would be, even without us - Luba is an over-attentive nursemaid, concerned if Yarrow fusses, concerned if she sleeps overlong.

I love Yarrow’s cradle, and so does she. The rocking soothes her if she’s on the edge of waking, and in the daytime it is a bright nest of friends and distractions. Recently, he favorite game has been to drop her teething fruits one by one over the edge and grinning, lean way out to try to pick it them up. If she gets them without falling, she drops them again, because - I think - the purpose is to fall out. Luba is very concerned when the fall is successful, except when there’s a chance I might rush to help Yarrow and leave food within reach. Yarrow is completely unfazed by falling, the cradle is low and the thrill of the fall is apparently worth the landing. I’m concerned at what this might indicate for her future.


  1. I love this! As far as your future with her enjoying falling. My nephew was like that as a baby and yes he made it adulthood but I won't even tell you all the crazy fun things he invented to do but here is one. He took his radio flyer wagon on the top of an old medal slide, got in the wagon and flew down the slide in it!!!! Praise God the wheels stood up to the contest and he made it fine. Not sure my sister (his mom) did though!

  2. Haha! That's a scary thought!

  3. I think the third picture is my favorite Yarrow yet.