Friday, March 2, 2012

In a small space, like the yurt, every inch is sacred. Mirrors sit atop trunks, trunks stack on each other, guitars nestle wherever they can. I relearn the importance of space every winter, making room for the abundance of wood we try to store indoors. This year we quickly filled the area beside the stove, stacking it high, and then moved on to clear out the other side of the stove and stack our logs there as well. Beside the stove is the best place for wood, the heat dries it quickly and the dust from the stove is a non-issue on logs about to be burned. But storing wood on both sides of the stove necessitated finding a new home for one of the bookshelves, and with little space to pick from, I chose to stack it on top of the cedar chest. The new arrangement works! The added height from the chest makes the shelf more interesting, and seeing it in this new light, I’m excitedly planning a new paint job on the piece, along with one of our other bookshelves. I have a feeling this spring will see a lot of new color added to the yurt.

My new planning involves moving out all the kitchen things and re-adjusting to make space for my roll-top desk and treadle sewing machine. I don’t doubt some layering will be involved, as well as - hopefully - stripping, sanding and repainting the dark desk. I want the two near each other, to create a sewing space, maybe (ideally) with a sewing model as well, because I don’t often work form a pattern, and having a figure to guide my sewing would save a good deal of trying on and guesswork. Will this all fit into my little house? I think so, but until everything is in the kitchen and out of my way, I can’t imagine how. Above all, I want to avoid the cluttered look. Recently I broke down and requested an invitation to join Pintrest, if I don’t give up on it right away, it should be an interesting way to keep track of ideas, and I’m hoping to be able to link it here and share what I see.

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