Saturday, March 3, 2012

Late Winter Storms

We're walking in again. Snow fell thick and heavy last Friday night. We drove out, and then spent the day digging out the car, as the snow packed down to ice and the car slid into the snowbank. More snow is expected tonight and tomorrow. 6-10 inches more. I'm hoping it passes us by. I've been rejoicing in this winter's warmth and little snow. I've hug my sap buckets and don't look forward to seeing them fill with snow.

We've started selling eggs, unofficially. Two of my husband's co-workers asked for them, and since we can't eat through four-dozen a week, we have no trouble selling off the surplus. It's a nice little bonus to chicken ownership I hadn't really considered.

Watching gas prices rise has really limited my little side trips. I'm spending a good deal of time at the homestead. My shelves are just a little neater, my chickens happier, and Luba feels a tiny bit more loved than before. All the same, I resent that it's gas-pricing driving the change. I'd rather see them dip again back down to the prices I can remember, when $1.45 was a bit pricey, and I could make it from Pennsylvannia to Michigan with just a twenty and change.

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  1. Who's that hunk with the baby and dog?
    -The Neglected Husband