Friday, April 27, 2012

Bohemian Mama: Naturally Clean

We were given a huge package of disposable wipers when Yarrow was born, and again at Christmas. They don’t last long. Primarily, they don’t last because they clean everything so well -especially the glass chimneys on our lanterns, dusty top shelves, and the outside of the tea-kettle. When they’re all used up, we go back to our cloth wipes and rediscover the fresh scent of our favorite bottom cleaning solution - witch hazel, calendula, aloe, and lavender, diluted with water, spritzed on, and wiped off with worn, cotton rags. I prefer our solution on Yarrow to whatever it is that cleans so well in the other wipes, though the wipes have never caused her harm. I like the thought that her new skin is being cleaned with fresh infusions of flowers instead of chemicals. I like the scent mixing with her milky baby-sweat and her patchouli-rose butt-balm. All that said, I’m kind of surprised she doesn’t ever seem to end up with a sore bottom, I’m not the most consistent in my little system. I have good intentions, but most changes seem to be distracted and quick, wondering where any of my lovely hand-made things are and then giving up and using nothing at all. Yarrow is a trooper, and seems to count my intentions as actions.

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