Friday, April 27, 2012


Today I woke to the sound of a chill rain falling on the roof, to the dim early morning light. I’m grateful my husband brought in enough wood to keep us cozily through the next couple days. In spring, it doesn’t take a lot of wood, and sometimes I get careless.

Today I spent the morning writing, napping, and cleaning to the sound of Mozart, rain, and babbling baby.

Today I said a prayer of hope and joy for my college friend and her brand-new baby boy.

Today I could almost see the seedlings growing taller. They stayed in, spread out around the house, reaching for the light of the dome. Green and full of promise. I’m looking forward to putting them down in their gardens and watching them grow big and strong.

Today I talked away the afternoon with a far-off friend, and talked away the evening with a friend recently returned. Refreshed by the beauty of good conversation. By the chill spring wind, by the thought of a warm yurt waiting for me.

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