Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bohemian Mama: Bellydance

I’ve been picking up bellydance again. Back before I was married, I took a few classes, learned a lot, loved what it did for my abs, and loved the fashions going along with the dance. I kept up a little bit after marriage, and then did a lot while pregnant. During pregnancy, the moves were great for keeping my muscles strong and supple, and for reminding me to keep control of them. Since Yarrow’s birth, I’ve been intending to dance again, and putting it off while I fill my time with other things: planting, reading, pig-keeping, and all the other activities of a growing homestead. But I’m putting it off no longer! In the past couple weeks, I’ve realized how much I remember, and how much I have to work on. But I’m enjoying the learning, as are Yarrow and Luba. There is a lot of laugher, barking, and restarts in our house while I dance, but laughter does wonders for ab muscles as well, so I can’t complain.

Music to dance to: Florence + The Machine


  1. Looks like Yarrow's ready to get started there.

  2. Oh, she's got it all down. :)