Monday, August 27, 2012

The Simplicity Project: Living Well

This is how I’ve been feeling recently


Fortunately for my self-image, the simplicity plan has a catagory for me. A few actually: learn to say no, eat healthy, exercise.

And all of those are actually a huge part of living simply, because gluttony clutters life. A late night coffee with Irish cream is lovely, but a whole pot is completely unnecessary. Now obviously, a whole pot of coffee isn’t exactly fattening, at least, without the added Irish Cream it isn’t, but it’s still ends up falling into a failure in simplicity, because when the pot is done, I’m in full insomnia-mode, stay up late cleaning under the counter, or writing jittery verse and by the time I’m asleep I’ve lost any motivation I might have had for getting up early and forming my day well.

The irish cream just adds to the trouble - who loses excess weight drinking irish cream? Nobody, that’s who. A definite failure in the ‘eat healthy’ catagory. A step in the right direction is my recently renewed attempt to take meals - actual, sit-down moments in time, in which food is arranged attractively on a plate, with a begining and an end. A tiny pitcher of irish cream runs out a whole lot sooner than a whole bottle, and it looks fantastic. Meals are more satisfying when they’re made into events (even if the event is rather small and simple: eggs on a blue plate and black coffee in blue and white cups).

Exercise has been my success of the week. I’ve been inspired by some friends to get back into running, and it has been amazing! With or without Yarrow, the solitude of the run is refreshing - in her stroller, Yarrow is content to sit and see. I’ve managed to start a running habit -whether I can keep it or not remains to be seen - and it’s a joy to me. With it, the rest of the day feels more my own.


  1. I just bought a ton of fresh vegetables in order to execute a similar plan. Making simple meals and making them an event will raise health in body and soul.

    But I HATE running. :p

  2. I love it! I've forgotten how much I love it! But only with the Right music. :)

    I think mealtimes are such an essential aspect of health! It's too bad I get so distracted, but so far so good. :)

  3. Ah, yes. The Right music can make all the difference.

    What is your typical running soundtrack?

  4. I usually start with Beyonce's Halo, and then lots of Brett Dennen(sp), Florence + the Machine (ceremonials), Pink, Sting and the Police..engertic stuff. :)