Monday, September 3, 2012

A Typical Day

Christie, over at Everything to Someone did a similar post, that inspired me to post on a typical summer day:
5:00am: Wake. Feed the pigs, start coffee, make oatmeal, try to write a bit. If I’m lucky, Yarrow will sleep longer, if I’m not, she is generally content to nestle in bed while I work, but not while I write. Seth gets up around 5:40, to eat and pray with me before leaving for work.

6:00am: NPR and neatening up the yurt. There’s more work here than you’d think. Yes, it’s small, but with no closets and dirt all around, our little house can get messy quickly. Along with neatening, I check the chickens, feed Luba and let her out, and pick whatever vegetables need picking.

9:00am: If Yarrow didn’t sleep in at all, now is when she starts to need a little nap. If she sleeps, I write, or do one of the many projects outside (right now, it’s the little yard fence), and if I’m really tired, I nap too.

When Yarrow’s up, we do more ‘work’ outdoors or in, depending on the weather, and the general mood. There’s a lot to do, but working with Yarrow is sometimes very slow. She wants to help though, so we work together. Our day flows through lunch and play, work, and little walks. I sometimes wonder where the day has gone, and other times, I wonder why the time goes by so slowly.

We walk for the mail, go for a run, or nap if she hasn’t slept much that day.

2:00pm: The afternoon is generally a time for baking, if I bake that day, and recently, it’s been a time for making preserves and canning them.

4/5:00pm: Seth comes home, we have tea together, while Luba begs and squirms and Yarrow imitates her.

In the evening, Seth works on the kitchen building, plays with Yarrow and tells me the gossip from work. We read over coffee and listen to music. I throw when I can, and watch the sky get dark slowly.

It sounds a little dull put down like this, but I love my days. I’m rich in time and in beauty.

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