Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tomatoes, sunshine, and rain

Our tomatoes are coming in! I’m thrilled. Tomatoes are one of my favorite things about summer - winter tomatoes are so different, completely undesirable. Summer tomatoes seems to soak up all the flavors of sunlight and thunderstorms, hot afternoons, and cool nights. I put in about 25 plants this year, all loaded with green tomatoes and little yellow flowers. We’re getting ripe fruits one by one right now, but I have high hopes that within a week or two, we’ll be over-loaded enough that I’ll have to begin canning.

Our eggplant are flowing as well. We have too many eggplant-plants. Too many, in a good way. A local farm-stand was giving out free flats of 7 or 8 plants, and I took 4 flats, with the thought of giving some of them away. I kept them all, and except for the one plant Luba trampled in her pursuit of an escaping toad, they are all full of little purple flowers. I think I might be sick of eggplant by the end of the fall.

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