Saturday, October 6, 2012

Autumn Canning

I’ve finally got my dilly beans canned. Some of them, at least. I’m not sure how long my beans will be producing. They’re hardy, and almost too prolific. In general we just eat fresh beans all summer and mourn their loss when winter comes, but this year, I decided to put a few by. Dilly beans are easy and so amazingly good, and since we really didn’t manage a surplus of cucumbers, I’d like something canned with dill in my pantry this year.

I’ve been coveting pretty canning jars, they aren’t in my budget, but they’re so pretty! The normal, ball jars are getting old, these are so fresh, so funky. Someday I’ll have a pantry full of variety jars, when I’m an old lady canning beans and corn and whatnot for Christmas presents and housewarming gifts. When I have gardens on every side of me.

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