Friday, October 5, 2012

First Frost

The season’s first frost has been anticipated for weeks. In September I cut back the basil and hung it to dry inside, I brought in seven eggplant large enough to each in case the frost killed my plants. I brought in calendula, clover, beans, tomatoes, and cut flowers to fill the vases. The killing frost hasn’t come yet. Our nights are cool but not deadly to tender plants. I have another ten or so eggplant ready to eat, still on their vines. The calendula still blossoms, along with the poppies, and the foxglove. The beans are abundant. I’m waiting to cut the cabbage until after the frost.

We’re buying wood this winter. It feels strange to bring in wood to burn when we have so much surrounding us, but the time to cut and split in earnest never came about. We have too many other things to do before the winter comes. The winter I’m certain will be cold and harsh. I’m looking forward to ti all the same - long days holed up in the yurt with soup on the stove and bread on the table. Evenings wrapped in warm blankets reading by lamplight. Cold, starry nights.

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