Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Christmas Dress

I’ve been having trouble uploading new photos recently, but finally - here are a few of the Midnight Mass dress I made for Yarrow out of a bright red cashmere sweater..

I love’s so touchable, and so very warm!

                             Look at the texture! And actually, cutting down sweaters to make baby-clothes isn't terribly hard. Baby bodies are so much more forgiving than adult bodies..and they require so much less fabric. This was a turtleneck sweater, size Large, from Goodwill. And I have a bit left over..not enough for anything, really, but enough that, if I had messed up on the sleeves, I could have re-done them, without trouble. For the pattern, I just took one of her dresses, and measured the bodice to make sure it was the right size, measured her to make sure I had the length right, and cut away..nervously. Seth made a little cap to match from the neck of the sweater, and it was like a soft nightdress as well as a dressy-dress, because the cashmere was so very soft.

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  1. So beautiful. Reminds me of this gorgeous illumination of Saint Dorothy that my sisters and I love.