Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January Thoughts

I slept late today, and after, spent much of my time putting the house back together again after washing half the tapestries this weekend. Wood-stoves put out a lot of dust, and a few of our wall-hangings absorb dust easily and gladly. In a month or two of winter, they’ve gotten very dingy. But it can be a bit of a process taking them down washing, hanging to dry, and putting them up again - furniture needs to be moved, which means it also needs to be cleaned under, and the fabric woven back in behind the lattice, pictures rehung an furniture put back in place. I don’t always like putting things back where they were, but this time, I’m completely satisfied with the yurt as it is - I’m grateful to a clean Christmas Eve for this sense of peace. And for the calm, steady pace of all my cleaning since then. It will be a good year, I’m certain of it (though I’m knocking the table as I write that).

I’ve also been picking up my correspondence. I want to be that person who develops long lovely relationships through letters - actual letters, not just e-mails and blog posts - but I have trouble sending letters off. It’s a new year though, and a new month, and I’m beginning again to pursue newness in my life!

Part of that newness is in the magazine’s and journals I’m subscribing to. I mentioned discovering Taproot last year, and I had such high hopes for the journal, but it’s been something I’ve felt disappointed in with each new issue. I want to enjoy it, but I’ve decided to let the subscription go for a while, and just check out each new issue at Whole Foods, before deciding to renew the subscription or not. I don’t like giving up on new projects, especially ones that seemed full of so much promise, but I also don’t have the extra money to support while hoping for improvement. It’s not that the journal is bad, it just seems too narrow in focus. I want to do something with it, but I’m not certain what.

Soul Gardening for any Catholic mothers out there, is still a complete delight. They have had to slow down a bit, and alter the subscription system a bit - not every season has been able to have an issue, but the perk is, it’s now free! They request donations from those who can, and send it out to everyone - paying and non. I’m looking forward to a new issue soon.

A new magazine in my life is The Simple Things. A British magazine devoted to the simple and beautiful. I love that it is divided into ‘Dawn, Day, and Dusk’. I love the recipes, though I have to convert them to American measurements. I love the food ideas, and the photos, and the ideals pursued. I feel comfortable-yet-inspired when I read it, and even when I’d like to be reading it, but can’t because Yarrow is turning the pages for me with no regard for content. It’s expensive, as far a magazines go - but there are 13 issues a year, and they are all beautiful (so far - I’ve only seen 3 of the 4 issues published, it’s very new).

Yarrow is adoring her Infant of Prague doll, and all the other images of Christ are grateful to be replaced by one that isn’t damaged by falls or tight little hugs. I think Luba would like a little stuffed dog for Yarrow as well, but nothing beats chasing a real dog under the bed and attacking her with a toy lion.

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