Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fabric and Seeds

There is a lot of focus on the future in our house today. Seed catalogs have come and we are dreaming of spring gardens. I have such plans for the big space our pigs cleared out last summer - I want a dozen cabbages, too many tomatoes to count, more greens than we can eat! I won’t be ordering seeds for weeks, but the planning has begun and I love seeing all the pictures of summer produce.

Planning has also begun for the Etsy shop we’re hoping to open in the spring. I’ve collected enough fabric to keep me busy for months, but only today did I begin cutting and pinning. Time in the daylight hours is often had to come by. Today with the snow falling all around I’m full of enthusiasm and comfortably nestled in my little house. The light is dim, but not terrible and the snow outside makes me want to be buried in bright cloth - with pins in my mouth and a dog at my feet.


  1. I WISH I could grow cabbages. I cannot. Not unless I want them full of cabbage worms when I pick them.

    But seed catalogs in general--yay! I need to pull out my peat pellets and get this party started. :D

  2. Is it just too wet out there?? We lost two of ours to slugs last year, but I won out eventually! :)

    I LOVE the seed catalog party..It's so exciting!!