Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Five Things..

That you might not know about me. Thanks for the tag Christie! I love these things.


I’m scared of clowns, mirrors-after-midnight, and calling people on the phone. I’m functional in the last, I delight in the second, and the first is the main reason I avoid circuses, Disney World, and Knights of Columbus children’s parties.


I hate math, I almost failed it in high-school, it was my favorite class to sleep in! But I love accounting-type stuff. I did our taxes this year, and really enjoyed it. Though, I’m now spending half my time on irs.gov checking the ‘Where’s my refund’ link..I hope I did it right!!


I know how to belly-dance. I used to take lessons from a Lebanese woman in Michigan. It’s a fantastic workout and really fun, few things make me feel prettier than my hip-scarf, eyeliner and a good drum-beat..but I need a lot of practice right now to get anywhere near as good as I was then.. It’s sad.


I’m kind of in love with funky-overly-connected phones, and the internet..I feel like I should be anti-technology, but I really love it! I want a Mac computer and an iphone..I love my little ipod, but I balance that with a loathing of electric cords, ebooks, and the over-connectedness these things bring to the world. I’m still not sure where I’m going to go with it all.


I’ve never dated anyone but my husband, and if he dies before me, I’ll probably raise Yarrow up and then retire to a convent..I’m thinking Benedictine - to pray, fast, and write my memories down for posterity. I like the long, black habits of the Benedictines.


  1. I love these, too! And your answers are way fun. :D

    Belly dancing sounds like a blast. I loved taking ballet and swing, and I've considered taking zumba. Dance is far more interesting than any other kind of workout.

    P.S. I GOT YOUR LETTER. And I was SO excited. I will write you back; I just have to write my oldest niece first, as she's been waiting for two months now. :)

    1. Oh Good! I LOVE letters! Seth drew the card Just for You! (I made him ;) )

      Belly dancing is the best workout ever! and way more fun than just working out.

  2. 1. I'm not afraid of clowns and mirrors in an ordinary context, but after dark, in a dark house, I can agree with you! Calling people on the phone used to be harder for me, but it doesn't bother me so much any more, only occasionally.

    2. I am allergic to math.

    3. If we lived nearer, it would be so fun to take a belly-dancing class with you. I can't even imagine the stomach cramps!

    4. My i-pod is all but obsolete, and I've had it for five years. I would like to be more technologically advanced, but I'm just too lazy and/or poor.

    5. I never dated anyone other than John as well! It's so nice to avoid the heartache, isn't it? I saw all that my friends went through and was like, no thanks, I can skip that please. Which order is it that has the winged-headdress habits? I'd want to join that one. Yes. Because of the habits.

    Anyway, so this was so fun, it gets us talking about things we might not otherwise!

    1. I dated just one boy before Lou. But it was only for a few weeks, and the difference between the way the two guys kissed was so striking that I am not even sure I ought to count the first. :P

      Oh, and I forgot to mention that I HATE using the phone and never make a call if I can help it.

    2. Poor guy! Publicly decried as a bad kisser ;) !!!

      I always try to get Seth to make my calls for me, he tries to convince me that adults have to make phone calls, I try not to believe him..It's gotten a bit better, but not much.


      Christie ~ those nuns are the best! But I think they're Daughters of Charity or something..I'm going for sleek black. And I'm sneaking in a lifetime supply of eye-makeup too, no point in being the tired-looking-nun, right ;)

      I'm too poor to be technologically advanced, and too limited by the need to charge everything in the car..but I can dream!

      Darkness changes everything! So Scary! I can't watch horror movies anymore - the walk to the bathroom becomes impossible!!

    3. HAHAHA. What I meant was, bf #1 didn't put his heart into it. I have no idea whether he's technically any good... it was more like he didn't try. :P

      If I watched horror movies, I'd panic in the daylight. Mystery novels are bad enough for making me scared of the dark.