Friday, March 22, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: Volume 2

Seven Quick Takes (hosted by Conversion Diaries)


 I’ve just read Bringing Up Bebe..a book on raising kids ‘the French way’..which seems to involve lots of government-sponsored childcare and time away. I liked some aspects in the book - the idea that motherhood should not make a woman feel like she has lost herself as an individual, the fight against slubby-dressing (I hate sweat-pants with a passion that almost equals my hated of khakis), and the whole concept of meal-times, food, and self-control..but the overall attitude was sort of awful, in my mind, because it seemed just a different type of selfishness from what the author described as the American style of parenting, which is not something I've seen a lot of (though to be fair, I don't spend a lot of time at parks and on play-dates, so my experience may be limited…I want to write a more complete review at some point soon.


 We’ve had another snow-storm. At least a foot on the ground, and I’m kind of grateful, because it’s so much easier to fill the tub when we’ve got tons of fresh snow on the ground, and I've now had my first really good bath in weeks (don't worry, we have relatives, and they have showers), But I’m emotionally ready for spring. I’ve planned my garden, and am now spending nights stressing about the whole code-enforcement work we have to do as soon as the ground thaws. I'm ready to start working through some of that stress. This time of winter is sort of a limbo - a lot to think about doing, but not much to actually be doing.


Still no tax refund!! What the hell, IRS? I'm checking the 'Where's my refund' link all the time, but my return hasn't moved from 'Received' to 'Approved' and that makes me nervous. But, since I've gotten my State refund back, and I haven't gotten a call from anyone official, my assumption is that they're just slow. And lazy. And determined to draw it out as long as possible.


I’ve been slumping, Lent-wise, into a soup-rut. I want a burger, and a miniature triple-layer yellow cake with strawberries and white buttercream..and bacon, and cream in my coffee and grilled cheese with ham and avocado..I’m eating soup. Good soup, with home-made ciabatta, but still..soup. Easter is looking so good!


 Night-weaning is harsh. Yarrow and I are doing ok…except for a long bout of misery around midnight each night. We are trying to make it as kind and low-key as possible for her - we’re totally against leaving her to cry it out, but some tears are unavoidable, so we nestle her close during those moments, and let her know that the beloved milk will still be there in the morning.


Random photo..

It might become my new profile - from the St. Patrick's day Shakespeare Reading.


My enthusiasm for all of my half-finished sewing projects has taken off..partially because Seth is making me look bad by putting together an adorable little Easter dress for Yarrow - it’s hard having a husband who can sew, it sort of takes away an edge of my domesticity..but if he didn’t, I might get comfortable lounging around the it is, he’s inspired me to make more ciabatta, finish my cover for the comforter, and start in on all the shopping bags, aprons, and skirts I’ve got cut and pinned around the machine! Thanks, honey, for reminding me how good it feels to complete a project! 


  1. 1. I've heard of that book, and heard it's really good. You've confirmed my suspicion about, but maybe if the techniques are used in love rather than a desire for freedom from certain aspects of child-rearing, it's still valuable information?

    2. I remember what that was like as a child living up north, being emotionally ready for spring. I would check daily on the flower beds in hopes of finding something growing.

    3. All of the above. c;

    4. I've had my fill of soup, too, literally. Too much soup!

    5. It'll come. Afon has learned (blessed be!) that nursing is for right before bedtime and first thing in the morning.

    6. The Ides of March! I get it!

    7. Haha, I think it's great. You're no less domestic because your husband can sew! Just like he's no less a bread-winner because you're more than capable of having a career! <3

    Don't forget to link-up at Conversion Diary so other people can find you (if you want).

    1. Christie~
      1. The book is unfortunately short on technique (except put your baby to bed in his own room at eight and don't come back until 7..) and long on rambling and franco-love..some of the ideas are great though, like baking with your child from very early on, and no snacking between meals..It's interesting to read, as long as you're not easily influenced (so go ahead! I'd love to hear your thoughts!)..but lacking in love, I think.

      3. STILL waiting!! I just want my money now! And I've already started expecting it, so I better get it all ;)

      5. Afon is an angel, Yarrow needs to emulate him.

      6. Exactly! And I love that picture 'cause I look so goth in it, and despite having grown up, goth is still my favorite look!

      7. <3 Yes..Though what if he's just more capable overall? At least I'm better at bread, right?? But I know what you mean, some guys are still 'bread winners even without careers, I don't know how exactly, but they pull it off, because they still exude the breadwinner vibe maybe???

  2. Real Men (yes, it's a capitalized title) make adorable tiny dresses. It's just a thing, like testosterone and waffles. Real Men make those, too.
    -The Neglected (Real Man) Husband

    1. Of course you do, honey...better than I do, 'cause I only want to make dresses for myself..Selfish, aren't I? I love you! Why did you let me drink so much wine tonight?

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! You guys are so funny.