Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lenten Birthday

Seth's birthday is almost always in Lent. Some years are rougher than others, but this year we were lucky. The day fell on a Saturday, and so we could eat our fill of fish!

For brunch, I made smoked salmon wraps with garlicy hummus, red onion, spinach, and avocado; and set them out with grapefruits, coffee, and juice.

We loved it!


  1. I love salmon! I love garlic hummus! I love spinach! Why have I never thought of putting them all together?

    (Grapefruit, not so much.)

    And your tablecloth is the greatest.

  2. Don't forget Avocado!! They're the best combo ever! Expensive for Every Weekend in Lent, but definitely worth it for the special weekends!

    You could always slice oranges in half and eat those with a spoon ;) I do that for Yarrow, since a whole grapefruit is a bit too much citrus for her little palate..

    And thanks! I LOVE the fabric so much! If I ever find it again, I want an apron or something to match!

  3. Oh of course, I love avocado too! I've been enjoying guacamole more than usual this Lent.

    I like the before and after pics. c;