Monday, April 15, 2013

Beauty Basics

Someday, I want a vanity table..the kind dominated by a huge mirror and open enough to tuck a little stool beneath..with lots of levels and tiny drawers. But for now, I generally sit at the table or on the bed - if I sit at all - while getting ready.

Some days I don’t wear make-up, or do pretty things with my hair; other days, I eat grapefruit in my painted silk robe, looking and feeling fantastic. For me, it’s generally about attitude. The best days start early - 4:30 or 5, with a sleeping Petka and fresh coffee. On those days, I greet the world well. Late mornings leave me rushed, cutting corners where-ever possible - trying my hair back and wearing yesterdays skirt under an apron..But on good days - here are some of my favorite routines:

A Yogurt Mask: Plain, full-fat yogurt on my face for about 15 minutes does amazing things for my skin. It makes my whole face soften, brighter, fresher, and happier. Any make-up that goes on after this looks better, and whatever I don’t put on my face can be eaten with walnuts and honey. I especially like Greek yogurt, but sometimes it’s hard to find the real (full fat) type in the store.

Eyeliner: I’m addicted. And honestly, if I’m going to put anything on my face, it’ll be eyeliner. Nothing makes me feel prettier than well-done eyes. I like mine dark and big and dramatic, but not crazy or clubby. Recently I’ve been playing around a lot with the Bollywood-style - lining all around my eye and adding lots of mascara and very little shadow.

Earrings: I love huge earrings! They’re such a fun, comfortable, and out of the way (at least for me) way to look and be beautiful..I have two holes in each ear (down from five in high school) and it’s a manageable number, but full of options. And best of all, earrings won’t get covered in dirt if you’re gardening, the way rings do.

Aprons: Pretty aprons always seem to say “I’m owning this whole house-wife gig!” don’t they! I want a million. I have a couple for the house and a couple that are really tough, for gardening and throwing..sometimes I forget to wear one, but when I remember, I’m always thrilled. And my clothes stay cleaner too.. ‘Cause that’s important.

Cafe au lait: For late, desperate days, black coffee contributes to the lovely “I’m too busy for life!” feeling. But on early days I pull out my little battery powered milk frother and make something decadent either alone with grapefruit and a good magazine, with Seth on slow Saturday mornings, or with Yarrow, who prefers a steamer.


  1. I like my eyes big and dark and dramatic, too! And yeah, at thirty-five, I'm generally hesitant to go too wildly clubby. Right now I've been using a pretty light palette with just a hint of sparkle, so I have been lining extra heavily right on top of the shadow to make up for it. With plentiful mascara, of course. :D

  2. haha! I love it! heavy lining does so well with light shadow, doesn't it! Right now I've got my "I slept in make-up!' super-smudgy look going on though, which can either be fantastic, or horrific..and we're leaning away from fantastic this morning ;)

  3. I was going to say "OH, I have Greek Yogurt right now! But it's fat-free, and you're right, I don't think I've ever seen full-fat Greek yogurt. I kind of took it for granted that it came that way.

    I like the "I slept in my make-up!" smudgy look. c;