Friday, April 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Volumn 2


My husband brought me pussy-willows to lay on the Easter altar this week. A welcome greeting from the waking earth to the Resurrected One - who loves to see all things bursting into life. Rilke is my friend in this season: “Spring has come - the earth is like a child who knows poems.”


My dreams have been wild and unrestful recently. I’m worrying about something in the nights - something only seen in glimpses. I never have nightmares, but the unrest is a frustration - a haunting of sorts that leaves me unprepared for the day. I fall into my favorite books while Petka naps, to comfort myself in the thoughts of others: “perhaps everything terrible is in it’s deepest being something helpless that wants help from us.” ~Rilke


More and more I find myself retreating from the news - not in fear so much as in a sort of exhausted frustration. News is too often sad and frightening. It focuses on the evil in the world when there is still so much good! I’m not naive, I know there is suffering, but in the words I hear and read I’d like to be uplifted. I’ve discovered (thanks to my dear friend Christie) the delightful trend of leaving random gifts! I want to join in, don’t you?


Our days have been warm this week - all excepting today - and Yarrow has been running around joyfully naked. She’s calling herself ‘naked baby’ and painting her skin with ‘tattoos.’ That, and her tendency to kiss her daddy’s new ink ‘goodnight’ each evening makes me think she’ll be getting some of her own in another 16 years!


One of the hardest parts of letter writing for me is keeping track of addresses. I have two letters on my table - one to an old, and one to a new friend - unsent because of the disorder in my mind. I need a system, for this and so many other things!


I’ve painted my tabletop with chalkboard paint! Yarrow enjoys it, but not half so much as I do. I can write my ‘to-do’ lists without using up page after page of my writing least, so long as I don’t mind the smearing of small hands, and my own tendency to spill coffee..


Our Easter flowers are still alive..Does that seem right to you?It’s a little frightening, they’re supposed to die at some point, aren’t they? And, how dorky am I that I can’t even post a blog without including a random (but so fitting!) quote from Firefly? I LOVE that show more than most things..I think I’d get solar power just to watch it all in one go, without worrying about the battery in my computer.

Blessed Weekend everyone! And, you know where to find more of these, right??


  1. oh I'm so glad I clicked over to find a new to me blog! I love your blog's background and I hope the kids settle down ..... :)

  2. I watch very little news, as well. Very sensational, train wreck style.

  3. I avoid the news, too. Sanity is more important than information. :D

    1. Oh, and no, Easter flowers are not supposed to die. Ever. I just want my Easter lily to keep going and going. And those things you've got... I can't remember what they're called... they do last an exceptionally long time.

    2. Good to know!! I was beginning to worry! They're still alive..I love the thought of them Never dying least until Lent comes fantastic would that be!

  4. 1. We only have pussy willows around here in the stores in the fall. Are they different-looking in the spring (do they have blooms rather than those puffy things?)

    2. Yes, Rilke is a great comfort.

    3. I _know_. I don't even watch it anymore.

    4. "Naked Baby" sounds like it should be her own line of cloth diapers and jewelry. I had a feeling it had warmed up because you suddenly weren't on the internet anymore! So you must have got to get those projects started you were planning while you were snowed in.

    5. It helps me to keep a pretty little address book; but then locating that is sometimes the problem!

    6. That is such a neat idea! I've thought of walls, even dressers, but the table is such a natural place, the surface upon which you're going to write regardless, whether with a pen and paper or not.

    7. I never finished the first episode; Afon was being loud and I couldn't hear with my limited lap top audio so I turned it off for the night. Battles and such often don't appeal to me--is there more supspense, sci-fi intrigue, and mystery later on? This is one of those times it'd for sure improve the experience to watch it with a friend!

    1. 1. Nope, still just the puffys. I love them!

      2. Isn't he the best!!! I love him.. <3

      4. lol! I love that! Yeah we've been super busy with outdoor stuff and family, and eh..But our yard is now a CLEAN's still to muddy to do the big projects though.

      7. AHH. Afon, Settle down, your momma needs to fall in Love with Mal! There is so much more than battles..actually, there aren't a ton of battles, more character studies, and suspense and absolute amazingness!! I wish I could watch it with you, but you'd hate me by the end of the first episode, I think ;)

  5. P.S. Jenna, if I had my way, no flower would die ever. :c