Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Busy Days

This past week was crazy for us. My parents were up - visiting, playing, and chainsawing - The day they left, I spent the day (and night) at my in-laws, preparing the house and food for a baby shower we all threw for my dear sister-in-law, whose never had a baby-shower with her people, and so richly deserved one. This is her fourth baby, Petka’s cousins came up with their parents and quickly overwhelm Yarrow, who judges all older children against an impossible standard (her friend D_ whose love and kindness to here are seemingly unending). She spent most of Saturday nestled on either Seth or me, and trying to hold the effusiveness of her cousins off with a determined “No, no, NO!” It made me sad, because I like her to have a good relationship with her cousins, and left me hoping for visits at less exciting times, when her cousins are calmer and Yarrow is not so emotionally drained.

The party went really well! I was thrilled with some of the gluten-free recipes I tried out, and
thrilled with the look of the room, thrilled with the enthusiasm the guests showed for my sister and thrilled to leave when the party was winding down to head off to Portland for Seth’s newest tattoo! Yarrow, Luba, and I waited in the car and walked around outside (because Luba had spent most of the past two days alone and was in despair), so we didn’t get to watch, but we were delighted to see it and to head home again for well-deserved rest!

We’re still in resting mode today, with the rain and grey skies. I’m hoping to get out and see my sister soon, before she and the kids head back down south. Until then, I’m catching up on letters, cleaning the yard as the snow melts, and getting ready for true spring to come.

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