Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Today I am..

Feeling..  behind.Monday was a hazy day for me - I never quite made it out of dreamland..and today I wish I had checked off even half of yesterday's list. It's definitely and black coffee -and- bare-feet sort of day!
Seeing.. mess and dishes everywhere! I keep discovering little spots of trouble all around the house and yard. But if I look up, all I see is bright and blue and joyful..until the sun gets too bright  - then all I see are spots. 
Smelling.. Ham broth. Boiled down for tonight's beans and rice. A fantastic, hearty, homey scent. Dziękuję bardzo my poor, dead pigs!
Tasting.. coffee and grapefruit, my favorite meal these days.
Listening.. to the 'I am no mermaid' song from the playlist we put together for a friend, who always reminded me of one in college - when she would swim out too far in the ocean on our visits up here..the girl whose beauty taught me to see my own.  
Grateful.. for good friends with a passion for reading. For my Shakespeare club in the world and the Harry Potter Book Club online, and the real, living, and enthusiastic people who make up both!
Reading.. Harry Potter. I have to, I'm the voice of harshness and judgement in the club. But I still don't have book one (the library's fault, not mine!) so, really I don't have to be reading book four..;)
Loveing..my husband, who forgives me for running off to do laundry and leaving him to fend for himself - food-wise yesterday evening!
Hoping..for more wheel time this week, a chance to trim up my 'keeper' mug, and for this weather to keep going all week!

lessed Tuesday!

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