Monday, May 6, 2013


Today I am..

Feeling..  Inspired. I think I’m going to make a good week of it! Lots of half-finished drafts lying around! I should manage to finish one or two this week!

Seeing.. New, bright red saucers under blue cups and a clean desk.

Smelling.. Woodsmoke and’s a chilly morning!

Tasting.. Just coffee..It’s fueling my inspiration

Listening.. To the radio..gravelly voiced host, perfect for keeping Petka asleep. She was up early this morning, and needs a bit of a rest.

Grateful.. For peace and quiet and new water barrels! We’ve been keeping up with our barrels, keeping them full, and it makes keeping the plants and chickens watered easier.

Reading.. The Simple Things Magazine..Such a perfect addition to a Monday morning coffee.

Loving..the pretty, new raised bed - all ready for more Scarlet-runner-beans!

Hoping..for more wheel time this week, another couple runs, and couple pigs by the weekend..we’ll see!
What is your day looking like? 


  1. My day looks like OH-MY-GOD-THAT-IS-SUCH-A-CUTE-PICTURE!!!