Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Growing Things

We’ve been planting. My lettuce is coming up, as are the peas and just a couple bean-plants so far. I’ve planted beets, broccoli, broccoli-Rab, spinach, radishes (watermelon and french breakfast), carrots, kale, arugula, and a nice bed of sweet-Annie where Seth spilled the motor-oil (we can’t put anything edible there!) We’ve really jumped into everything this spring - with bonfires every Thursday to clear the brush, and the building of actual beds in some parts of the garden. This dry spell has really been a blessing for us - a chance to dry out and clean up. But I’m looking forward to rain. We’ve added three huge metal barrels to our ‘system’ of water-storage, and Seth has been keeping up on filling and refilling the necessary ones. We’ve now got water stored near the front garden -where the pigs will be soon, two barrels near the house, and two big ones half-way between the house and stream (a do-able distance for me, while Yarrow waits in the yard).

I’ve looking around at perennials to add to our front garden, not that we’re spreading out a bit. I want evening primrose, hollyhock, and too many roses to count. And we’re picking up fruit trees this weekend as well! I’m not certain my elderberries made it through the winter, which is a disappointment. I’ll try again, I don’t see why they shouldn’t live, if I can keep the chickens from
bedding down on top of them! This year we’re extending our chicken-run to keep them happy without letting them free-range quite as often.

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