Saturday, May 25, 2013

Thoughts on Order

Today I dumped the contents of my baskets everywhere searching for a bag of fabric birds my in-laws may or may not have left at house. They’re our birds, we don’t have to find them. But my husband spent hours making them and they’re lovely little things. I want them. I want more than anything to have a house in which I’m not dumping the contents of my baskets on the floor every other day - hunting for things I’ll never find again. My pursuit of simplicity in my home has been on hold since the days warmed and the ground became workable. My garden looks delightful, my pigs are fattening, my yard is becoming a homesteader’s paradise - complete with patio and garden fencing..but my house languishes in disorder. So here we go again with a plan - one that involves burning so many papers and filling big bags for Goodwill, one that involves stockpiling wood for the kitchen oven and making a list of spices to stock up on; spices, flours, grains, and other staples, one that involves - more than anything else, a readjustment of my attitude toward time - toward the day itself. Because I think, to make order work in life, I need to order my mind more than is natural to it. I need the discipline to commit spaces of time to certain activities: cleaning, cooking, meal preparation, writing, and most especially, to prayer.

I don’t think I’ll ever be someone to whom order comes naturally. It will always be a decision: to put away papers instead of just tucking them out of sight, to renew the dog’s license, to feed the sourdough sponge before it over-sours, to actually see the things I’m putting in the trash..But I’d like to make a beginning this week. My desk really should be that beginning - it’s overwhelming, but O-so-necessary! I will sit myself down Sunday afternoon and order my things in earnest, with prayers to St. Somebody-the-Orderly for help and resolution. Are there any well-ordered Saints..I like to think not, but I’m sure there are dozens of them, laughing at me from heaven. I hope they’ll hold their laughter long enough to lend and a hand.


  1. I like the idea of saints being naturally disorderly. As if this joyful life can't contain them!

    Don't be too hard on yourself. Your outside work has taken a lot of attention, and you can't be everything-at-once or do everything-at-once. By all means try to get yourself in order, just don't set yourself up to be disappointed at impossible standards! Right? Right! *nodnod*

    Some "advice" from the most-unorganized-of-them-all. c;

    1. Don't discourage this!
      -The Neglected-and-where-the-hell-are-my-housekeys-Husband

    2. Housekeys??? Since when do we use housekeys?? :p

      Thank YOU, Christie! I really can't do EVERYTHING, can I..that's why I'm not doing Anything right organizing has taken place since the time of this post :(..Tomorrow's a better day to begin though, right? Tomorrow is Always a better day to begin!

  2. I bet St. Thomas Aquinas was orderly. Have you ever tried to read the Summa, or anything else of his? Every point is made by means of carefully nested ordered lists. I can never keep them straight in my head, they're so thoroughly systematic.

    Maybe I should be praying to him right now, since I'm currently procrastinating on getting the next load of laundry in the wash.

    Best of luck with the organizing! :)

    1. Ooh St. Thomas! I bet he is..He's awful isn't he -everything laid out so very neatly and me always agreeing with the Wrong conclusion!

      Thanks! I think I'll need a St. Thomas novena to get my act together ;)