Monday, May 20, 2013


Today I am..
Feeling.. exhausted..but if the sun ever comes out, I'm pretty sure I'll switch to Energetic really quickly! Right now it's just so very dark out, with the heavy clouds, the drizzle, and the damp.
Seeing.. babies everywhere at the cafe we went to! Mostly happy babies, but not entirely..
Smelling.. bacon and breakfast sandwiches grilling behind the door..I don't want any of it though, I'm just..
Tasting.. coffee..and a bit of Yarrow's orange juice
Listening.. To other people's conversations. I can't help it, the man next to me have one of those voices that can intrude on anything. He's talking business though, nothing interesting at all.
Grateful... for the tiny grasses coming up where we planted them, for an early morning doze, for finally catching the chicken that escaped this morning..
Reading.. Letters from friends.
Loving..the front garden that looks better and better each day! And the new pigs: Welcome to your last home Othello and Desdemona!
Hoping..for a chance to throw again this week, and fruit trees for the front of the land..
What is your day looking like? 

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