Sunday, May 12, 2013

What I wore Sunday

We got ready this morning with Florence + the Machine singing ‘Shake it out’ while Yarrow spun
in circles singing ‘shake. Out. Shake. Out. Oh oha’ and trying to keep us dancing along with her. I had a sense of panic when I remembered that the zipper on the dress I’d intended to wear was broken (it stuck permanently on Ascension Thursday and had to be ripped off) so I had to dig out one of my silk wrap skirts, because I wanted desperately to wear my new tights (can you see them?).

Yarrow decided to go as Anthropologie-baby, despite not having a stitch of Anthropologie clothing on (I wish!). We thanked God for a Mass free of sappy Mother’s day add-ons, as well as for the much-needed rain, the garden, and a whole host of other things; before heading off to brunch at one of my favorite cafes! They usually aren’t open on Sunday, but they made an exception today and oh-my-goodness-Smoked-salmon-omelette's are amazing! Now I’ve got fun, buggy yard work to enjoy! Tomatoes and melons to plant (don’t worry, we have cold-frames!), and tea to drink.

Blessed Sunday all! And check out all the fantastic outfits at Fine Linen and Purple!


  1. Your whole outfit is really cool but those tights rock!

    And your daughter? ADORABLE!!

  2. CUTE TIGHTS. Okay, you have to post pictures of the literary tights you were talking about, too, because they MUST be made of awesome. :D

    I am loving the thought of Yarrow dancing and singing to Shake it Out! One of my nieces is more or less tone deaf, so she yells everything... my sister said she went through the grocery the other day yelling "O MY SOUL, O MY SOUL" (all she knows of a Matt Redman song they listen to all the time...) Uninhibited little kids getting all joyous over early tastes of music are just one of my favorite things.

    Not filling up Mass with sappy Mother's Day add-ons... right, so I'm jealous. ;P I love our priest--he's a pure-hearted, hardworking, compassionate father--but there will always be sappy Mother's Day add-ons under his watch. Fortunately, we also had Ascension to think of (it's moved to Sunday around here), and that's of much more interest to the choir, so we had good music and it was all quite bearable.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Did you embroider those tights? I LOVE them!

  4. no..I spent a ridiculous amount of money on them ;)