Monday, June 10, 2013


Today I am..
an old photo..our marigolds are all surrounded by little lettuces now!
Feeling..fresh and new. It's a  bright morning, our car is newly inspected and legal, my roots are touched up. Yesterday we had such a beautiful day at home and we have a line full of hand-washed diapers, a messy house, and a weeded garden to show for it!
Seeing.. the back of Yarrow's as it moves back and forth between my eyes and the screen - never failing to find the most obstructing position to rest in.
Smelling..Her remaining half of our shared blueberry doughnut. We never have doughnuts for breakfast, really..but this morning there was one just waiting for us - apparently they're more of a treat for me - Yarrow keeps asking for grapefruit..but after half a blueberry doughnut myself, all I want is black coffee.
Tasting.. still that wretched doughnut..why did it taste so good at first bit and so very lingeringly sweet afterwards??
Listening.. to Breakfast with Bach! Seth fixed the antenna and our station options have expanded! I can get the classical station for the first time in years!
Grateful...for sunshine - however short-lived!
Reading.. Feast of Faith by Pope Benedict when he was Cardinal Ratzinger, Baking with Julia (for inspiration), Harry Potter for Nerds (for the Harry Potter book club), and Real Food by Nina Planek..after a week of lazy reading I'm fully committed.
Loving..Good girl Luba, who's been so very good and loving this past week, and so obedient - we let her run off to be 'Wild thing of the Forest' but she came back to us consistently and - best of all, she came right to Yarrow when she called: "Uuuu BA, Uuuu BA..woowoo, woowoo!"
Hoping..the Freezer company doesn't give us trouble about returning it...It's still broken, all our meat is in other-people's homes, and I'm disappointed with the whole thing...also, for a run tonight!


Blessed Monday!


  1. Yay! I'll try and get in on this tomorrow morning...

    OK, how do you pronounce "dzisiaj"? I'm guessing JEE-zyai, but could be waaaaaaaaayyy off.

    And nearly all doughnuts are like that... oh so good at first bite, and far too sweet thereafter. About the only ones I'll eat are the little, plain cake ones. They're so delicious. But those chocolate covered cream filled ones occasionally tempt me beyond bearing. :)

  2. dzisiaj is sort of like Jee-shy..but with a bit of the "zyai" sound too not just the straight 'shy'..I'm not good at all at describing sounds :( You're not way off though!!!

    I know! Doughnuts make me sad, because I want to devour them - dunked bit by bit into my coffee..but they're mostly too sweet and the coffee only helps until bit of doughnut fall into it and get soggy and the sugar is absorbed into the coffee and I hate sugar in my coffee, and sometimes I get a doughnut because I think..ooh, I want a doughnut and then it sits there being sweet and I just don't want it, but I don't want it STARING at I give it to the dog..and then I want it again. :(

    Yay for link-y things!!! See yours soon!!!