Friday, June 14, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Meal-planning was a failure this week. Mainly because, as I set about pulling furniture away from walls and preparing the house for a re-insulated base and a real floor, the whole house looks messy, and a mess house ruins any chances of the table looking amazing, and looks are pretty much all that matter here anyway..right? Our food for this last week was good, but I was careless about meals over-all, and right now I’m breaking on of my rules by having breakfast (Tuscan melon and coffee) in front of the computer. But Yarrow is asleep and Seth is at work, and I’d much rather eat and type than forever have Yarrow associate her mama with books, paper, and computer. I’ll be off when she wakes and more present to her this way; besides -melon and coffe do look so nice on my little desk.

I’ve lost the batteries to my radio. We have a huge pack of new batteries and they’re not here anywhere! Which means my addiction to Protestant Talk and even the newly re-discovered love of NPR (we only just got the station back after months of very limited reception) is suffering. In my dream last night, Jenna brought be champagne and batteries and then stayed to explain Alchemy to me..unfortunately, it would have been better if she’d shown me where I’ve hidden my own batteries - dream batteries never last.

Our irises are opening, the sunflowers are up, the leeks are hilled up nicely. We’re eating lots of radishes and arugula, and watching little volunteer Broccoli plants pop up among the carrots. I need more manure before I can transplant the rest of our Brussel sprouts and all the cabbages though. There’s a place nearby that’s nice, and another offering free manure on the way to my in-laws who, bless them, are staying even longer down south to care for babes and boys while their daughter cares for her husband and his sick father. My prayers are with them all.

Once I get the rest of the seedlings I need for this garden - extra cabbage, more tomatoes, basil plants and seeds, poppies - we are going on another brief spending fast. Summer is a good time for one, because it isn’t a necessity, and the amount of work Seth is getting makes it more of a intensive savings plan than merely a requirement for getting by. We’ve been talking about him retreating for part of the winter, as there isn’t much work anyway..and in preparation, we’re trying to save more, to wipe out all unnecessary payments, and to encourage me to get my creative act together! Fellow writers: Real Simple Magazine is offering $3000 for the ‘best’ essay on ‘the bravest thing I’ve ever done’ or something like that. I’m going to try for it, you should too!

Goats will be a Spring 2014 addition. I want them this year, but Seth has worked hard to convince my that impulsive buys are better limited to Goodwill and should never include living things. We will start with three, I think..Luba will be thrilled.

Why is June so cold this year?? I’m in a sweater, kind of wishing the stove was on, and yet again it’s gray and wet-looking outside (not wet, just wet-looking, the rain stopped yesterday). Our tomatoes are not as happy as they should be, and poor Luba’s curled into the tightest ball, with her little nose tucked under her tail, and breathing in that annoyed “I would be sleeping, if anyone cared enough to let me on the bed” way that she has.

I really do have so much to do today..and I’ve no idea where to start. I’m looking around at the mess that is my house and shuddering. But I have some new storage crates to pack away some of the mess into the shed and I’ve got a vague sort of image in my mind of my ultimate goal…and I have coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. So something will get done with energy today, least, I’d like to find my batteries if at all possible.

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  1. HAHAHAHA!! Do your dreams generally come true? Because I would love to come by with champagne and batteries and talk alchemy... hopefully I wasn't rambly and confusing... I'm sorry I didn't show you where your batteries were, though! ;)

  2. It was pretty fun! And no, you were great! I spent the whole time saying "wow, I see!!" and "brilliant! I never thought of that!" and being amazed..and you know..I do feel a little more sure of myself about alchemy..I might need another late night champagne lecture though to really get it! And I finally found my batteries!!!!