Monday, June 17, 2013


Today I am..

Feeling..joyful and beautiful..I slept in my make-up again..I love waking up with a slightly softer version of my Sunday eyes...To enjoy it fully, I'm wandering the house in my painted-silk robe and drinking coffee with Yarrow (she has just about 1/4 coffee to 3/4 milk - which is my choice, the girl'd drink black coffee just as easily).
Seeing..the destruction wrought by our weekend at home. Each Saturday, I wake to such a clean and happy house (at least, if you don't try to find anything in my drawers)..By Monday, the place is a mess! I have laundry to hang, papers to 'deal with' - in the sense that most of them probably need to be burned and my drawers need to not be a place where nothing can be found, about a billion dishes to wash. But I can see progress that's come with simplifying.. beneath the mess, there's the barest hint of order!
Smelling..Nothing. I'm sort of stuffy this morning - seasonal allergies are such a hassle.
Tasting.. Is it wrong to say champagne and pomegranate-lemonade .. I know it's only 6:30 but I sort of needed something fresh with my coffee, and I've been awake since it's really more like brunch!
Listening.. -to Yarrow chew her pastry - very aggressively- I think it's cute that the obviously loud chewing she does doesn't bother me at all. I hate loud chewing most of the time, but her enthusiastic munching just sounds adorable..Love's a funny thing, I guess.. Seth's  chewing doesn't bother me either..though he has manners and chews discreetly - not like me, I live in a glass house and love breaking panes..
Grateful...for such a happy family weekend! We played and planted and ate and drank and dance and enjoy a sunny June weekend!
Reading.. I just finished a novel Does my Head Look Big in This..which was better when I thought it was a memoir, but still managed to be funny, delightful, and thoroughly likeable..if a little forced.  It was all about a girl who decides to wear hijab  full-time  while attending an upper-class Australian prep-school..I loved it. And I related to her in a lot of places, her voice was fantastic..friendly, just young enough, eager, committed. It was a great summer-weekend book! 
Loving..Our garden! Flowers, vegetables, greens, and many growing things and so much potential! We eat arugula and kale at practically every meal now! And all of French Breakfast radishes are popping out of the ground.
Hoping..the sun holds all day! We have so much laundry to dry!


  1. My house is a wreck as well! That happens regardless, weekend or no! Phew!

    Champagne and pomegranate lemonade sounds right up my alley--fruity, bubbly, exotic, and alcoholic!

  2. I miss the joy summer brings after a long winter. It's too hot to savor in California !

    I love that you drink mimosas a six and Yarrow drinks coffee! Classy ladies!


  3. Breakfast with champagne is definitely classy. :D And with pomegranate lemonade--golly, that sounds amazing!!

    I love starting the weekend with a clean house. The weekend never ends that way, of course. ;)