Monday, June 24, 2013


Today I am..
Feeling..tired. Exhausted, actually. We've been staying up late recently, and it's taking it toll. I haven't even made coffee yet, but I don't want to lay down. I don't want to sleep away the cool morning hours. newly designed budget for the week..and wondering if I'll really be able to stick to it..I want new clothes. I need new shoes...and budgets are so restricting - which is part of why I love them.
Smelling..Grapefruit..or 'fruitcake', as Yarrow would say, if she were awake to steal mine  
Listening.. to the birds. There are so many this morning, all chirping and singing their little hearts out..and then the chickens squawk in their obnoxious way and drown out all the pretty birds for just a moment. We have woodpeckers all over the place, and I frightened off a quail on my way to the kitchen this morning. Pretty, pretty birds.
Grateful...for a still sleeping little girl, and a quiet dog. For potential naps later, and for..oh no!..I no longer have a sleeping girl, just a quiet dog..but that's still ok.
Reading.. Untamed Hospitality, by Elizabeth Newman. I read most of it months ago, and what I read made a deep impression on me. I'm trying to finish it and refresh my memory of early bits, in preparation for a post or two on the whole theme of hospitality, and our world's many mis-impressions about it.
Loving..Grapefruit..It's really waking me up! And the hazy-sort of early morning blue sky, and the day stretching out before me full of potential.
Hoping.. joy-filled days on friends near and far.


  1. Staying up late... it's fun, but it'll get you every time... as I know from loads of experience. :)

    Budgets are fun but kind of counterproductive for me. If I know I've got so much to spend, I'll probably spend it. ;)

    Hoping for a joy-filled day for you, too!

  2. haha! yeah, it really does..and I have so much trouble STAYING asleep once the sun starts coming up at (4ish?), eh :p

  3. They never sleep for as long as you'd like, but usually it's okay! At least they wake up happy! Was it a joy filled day?
    I crave rainy days here. We had one. And now it's blisteringly hot again. Oh sigh oh sigh. The grass is always greener....:)