Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Today - late..

Today I am..
Feeling..tired. sick of rain and utterly lacking in motivation. Why doesn't the rain just stop??? It's been an ugly sort of June for the most part. I couldn't bear to think about it yesterday, hence the failure to post. I'm worried about my poor garden drowning.
Seeing..my flowers - Seth picked them for me last week- draggled and sad but still beautiful in their jar. Brightening the house and determined to fight the gray.
Smelling..must, damp, rain, mud, and wet dog. 

Tasting..black tea and milk in my blue cup.
Listening.. to Yarrow 'read' Who's in the Forest aloud to Da...it's adorable. 
Grateful...for all my happy growing things. For gardens that grow despite lack of sunlight and all the potential I see in the gardens.
Reading.. a book about pattern making. It's kind of dull, but I want some of her designs.
Loving..the messy, muddy, lazy life I'm living right now..and anticipation..the only thing keeps me going on these hot, rainy days.
Hoping.. for sunshine!

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  1. Ooh, I totally feel your pain about the rain... our last two or even three springs were very much that way. Last year, it rained steadily from March to mid-July. I thought we'd never get sun. And then we got three straight months of sun and broke a record, I think, and it was so wonderful... here's hoping you get some sun, too!