Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Recovering Focus

My days have been on hold recently. Not actually - June became July, night followed day - but I’ve been living in a haze of rain and waiting and muddy earth. It’s hard to get out and about in continual downpours, deer-flies, and dark, low clouds. I also managed to bang up my foot a few days ago and so walking has been limited. Instead I wait. I wait for ‘real summer’ to come creeping out from behind the clouds, for sunshine, for healing, for ripening produce (delayed by the lack of sunlight). 

I’m glad to see so much green though! Instead of muddy door-yard we have cosmos defying the dark-skies, sunny marigolds and primroses, pink yarrow and roses, and one red geranium. It’s comforting to look at in moments like this one, when the sky gets suddenly heavy and thunder rumbles.

I’m forcing myself out of my deary weather mood. Planning summertime fun (Yarrow, Seth, and I have little trips planned for each of August’s weekends!), anticipating tomatoes, and clearing out excess in the yurt again. I can’t do the shed until the sun comes back, but I’m purging toys, unloved books, clothes and random undesirables with gusto!

We’ve instituted the budget, a cash-only system that we hope will get us saving strongly for winter retreating! My enthusiasm for all the little projects outside is growing as I wait out the rainy-season..but tonight, enchiladas, limeade, and cards can distract me just a little bit from the deary days.


  1. July just sort of snuck up on June! I love your garden and covet your courtyard.

  2. Thanks! Seth worked so hard on it this spring!! We love it too! July really did sneak up..I had no idea the month was gone until it ended!