Sunday, August 18, 2013

Today (Sunday edition)

Today I am..

Feeling..peaceful..I hear crickets..the flowers out doors are swaying slightly. I just got back from my longest run ever to oranges and lime-water. Life is good. new cookbook (The Pure Joy of Monastery Cooking) and a very clear line between the space I cleaned well today, and everywhere else in the house. Yes, it is that obvious.
Smelling.. oranges, and tea tree oil (from the clean spaces). I love them both.
Tasting..can you guess? Orange. But earlier today I tasted perfectly done soft-boiled egg and yogurt with sliced peaches and ground flax..later I'll be tasting enchiladas and a big escarole and hard-boiled eggs's an exciting day for food!
Listening.. to crickets chirp, Yarrow snore, chickens squawk, and the real birds sing.
Grateful...for the quiet. For time to think and write, for Sunday afternoons at home.
Reading.. Oscar Wilde's Fairy Tales. They are beautiful. Buy them, in print, with illustrations and them read them aloud to someone you love in the evenings and cry together.
Loving..this month. The peace, the solitude, the fluidity to discover my own rhythm and the developing discipline to shape it into ritual.
Hoping..for all the blessings God can give..why not think big, right! Today is Sunday, the day of hope and promise and new beginnings.



  1. So glad!

    I have to tell you I'm very much enjoying the large photographs!

    1. Seth made me do it for the Dobby post..and it was definitely a good idea!

  2. Good Morning! Sounds like a very refreshing day today for you! Oranges are a nice way to start off the day!

    I love Oscar WIlde Fairy Tales. The Happy Prince is a sweet one. And the one about the sparrow and the rose and the stupid, ungrateful philosopher( i think) is also one of my favorites!

    1. Hi Loretta!! Oranges are fantastic! And so is Oscar Wilde..they're amazing tales, aren't they! How's Rome?

  3. I have a cold! ;( boo! And Paco is fighting all his naps today. Double boo.

    But Rome is lovely. We sampled the wine from the vineyard last night and it was an inoffensive table wine. Which means, I really really really really liked it! We also had Bruchetta using the tomatoes and basil from the communal garden!! I love communal gardens. Though, it has to be weeded and I'm not too sure how to do that....and which are weeds and what to do with them once they are pulled.

    You should email me if you can. If not, this is really fun as well!

  4. oh no!! I will email soon!!! maybe tonight..I can't focus on e-mail right now..I don't know why..but I'll get back into obsessive e-mail mode soon, I'm sure ;)

    Rome sounds AMAZING!!! Weeds look like weeds, and when you pull them, you feed them to pigs..or, umm burn them? Good luck!

  5. Rome is AMAZING. Especially since we don't live directly in the city! ( I"m not a fan of cities really).

    I wish we had pigs! That would make for a very tasty year! ;)

    I suppose I'll just trust my instincts with the weeds and just pull! Maybe we can throw them away? Seems kinda like a waste of weed.

    Oh hey-- do you compost? I was wondering, if you do, how you do that exactly....

  6. Finally joining in late (mashing all my memes together at once)! And I love that you're loving your August. I hope I get some discipline in the next week or two, too. :)

    Oranges and lime water!! Ooh, that sounds good.

    lorettarwen, I was going to type out a bunch of instructions for composting, but then realized they were probably available on the internet, so in case you haven't already gotten your answer, try this.

  7. Jenna,

    Thanks for the link!!!!! I'm excited to learn that one of the professors here actually started a compost! But he said that it was drawing rats! Eeeek!