Friday, September 27, 2013

7 Quick Takes: All sorts of Random


This Pope loves to stir up crazy, I guess. Maybe that's the real reason he took the name Francis. Nobody does crazy holier than a Francis. It's not really crazy though, not at all. Because he's not saying anything that hasn't been said by his predecessors, he's just saying it differently. "Hey people, wake up! Your Gospel is Christ, not any of the very good, well meaning movements that are inspired by Him. Remember that first and foremost and you will change hearts." What he actually says is more beautiful:

              Proclamation in a missionary style focuses on the essentials, on the necessary things:          this is also what fascinates and attracts more, what makes the heart burn, as it did for the disciples at Emmaus. We have to find a new balance; otherwise even the moral edifice of the church is likely to fall like a house of cards, losing the freshness and fragrance of the Gospel. The proposal of the Gospel must be more simple, profound, radiant. It is from this proposition that the moral consequences then flow.

Read it all! Really do read it!


His comments inspired me to write to Catholic Connection host Teresa Tomeo on the problem I have with her program's focus on and way of speaking about abortion. It's turned into an interesting and ultimately disappointing exchange of e-mails. Tell me, mothers of young children and non-mothers alike- what sorts of radio or t.v. discussions do you avoid? How much of a difference does the presence of children make to your level of tolerance. Because I try hard to keep descriptive talk of violence - be it abortion, bombings, wars, or muggings from Yarrow's little ears. It's sad enough to hear her say "scared..people" without knowing I've put her up close and personal to traumatic stories. But I'm sort of sensitive to violence myself, and I can't even discuss abortion without tearing up. Is that a normal level of avoidance, or am I on the weak fringe here?


And along those lines - What sort of media and programming do you usually listen to, watch, or read? I get most of my actual news from the radio - though, with only 4 stations coming in on a regular basis, I'm constantly encouraged to flesh out the little bit I do get by looking it up on my own. It's a healthy balance. We don't have a t.v. so I'm able to avoid most of the bigger distractions - my guilty pleasure is Christian pop, my go-to station vacillates between Protestant talk, Catholic talk, and NPR..I have issues with them all, but that'd be true of anything, really.  But much of the time, I play music. I miss having a record player - I'm in the market for a good battery powered one! - but ipods are great for variety.


My husband's been working lots of overtime these past couple weeks. I miss him! It's a beautiful day today and by all rights he should be home by now to enjoy it with me. But instead he's pulled a full day of OT work. We've been spending a lot to get the place ready for a long winter, but honestly, I'd much rather see him than see the money. We miss him, and my respect has grown so much toward women whose husbands consistently work long hours, whose husbands are military, and towards single moms. 


Apparently Blogger hates all my photos. I haven't been able to load them for a while.. but finally, my will won out!
Yarrow working hard in the garden..on a warm day!


We visited a friend on the coast early this month, and she took us out to 'Sometime Island' - a romantically transitory bit of rock that comes and goes with the tide. 

Pretty pretty, huh?
 (that's right, I'm referencing Firefly again. Unashamed.).


I've started a fun trend for dinners here: Always soup and salad with the main dish. It's fun, and now I have a freezer full of double serving soup leftovers to use again later!!! Dinner's have been a lot of fun since I started (all of 5 days ago). I find myself taking a little more care to pull it all together and my poor hard-working husband has more food to munch after a long do I, but I'm finding it makes my own meals more balanced. I can up my own salad portion and want less of the main dish - unless the main dish is just too amazing for words, like the grape and olive roast chicken we tried the other night from The Smitten Kitchen!!!!

Happy Weekend all! 
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  1. 1. According to the World, it's crazy, but to those with hearts set on the Kingdom of Heaven it's the best sense!

    2. I'm not familiar with Catholic Connection or Teresa Tomeo. Are they on radio? I do tend to avoid the topic of abortion with the non-sympathetic because, like you, I can break down into tears just thinking about it. Maybe some people do need to see the violence and evil brought to light, you know? For me, the most moving exhibit in the Holocaust Museum was the room full of shoes--you walk a bridge over a room literally full of shoes--all of them worn by human beings murdered and then dumped in the crematorium to be disposed of. That had me in sobs, more than seeing pictures of the victims. Because those shoes were THERE.

    I first learned about abortion from a Pro-Life commercial on TV (can you imagine? Pro-life on television!). There was nothing graphic or violent, just some dialogue and a picture of a baby in utero, but I didn't understand it, so I asked my mom. I think I was about seven or eight. She explained it to me in simple terms, and I was stunned. It was like she had made it up. No such thing would ever have entered the realm of my imagination on its own, which just goes to show how unnatural it is. Anyway, it's been a passion of mine ever since, but as I learned about it more and more for myself, the harder it became. I say, Yarrow will have to deal with the big, mean world soon enough. Let her have her innocence as long as possible, and strengthen her in the meantime, if you can't ultimately save her from every suffering.

    3. Blogs, mainly. I don't watch television or read newspapers or listen to the radio. If something big enough happens, I figure I'll notice it!

    4. Yuck, overtime. :c Hope he gets to leave that behind soon.

    5. Oh my gosh! One of your sunflowers popped out of the soil and started digging in the garden! c; What a beautiful one she is, too!

    6. Shiny! c;

    7. I miss regular meals. Things should calm down around here after this week. We finished the last of the fundraisers at the childcare center. For now. . .