Friday, October 11, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Lazy picture day


It's tea season now! And I'm on a Jasmine kick. I am in love with Jasmine teas - lots of Jasmine, in a black tea base is best, in my opinion.  Tea season is cold mornings, bright starry nights, and warm, sun-lit afternoons. It's muddy roads with leaves floating in mud-puddles, and crisp apples scenting the air. Tea season is is full of beautiful pots and incense-y dinners around the wood-stove. Tea season is my favorite. We're still able to burn just the pretty logs: birches mainly, and bring in just enough for a night or two.  Everything is beautiful in Tea Season! 


My dear friend, Jenna at A Light Inside, is expanding her influence! She's put up a post over at TheoCult on the value of Christian as ministry and the absolute need for beautiful churches. I loved it...but then I love pretty much everything she writes, especially when it's something I wish I'd written myself! Way to go Jenna..You should come by and guest post for me sometime on Cyganeria..What do you think? Anyway, check it out everyone!


And speaking of the need for beauty..We're saying good-bye to the old sub-flooring floor in favor of bright, new bamboo boards! They're not all in yet, but more than half the house is covered, and photos of flooring perfection are on their way, soon!! The boards are golden, light, strong, and best of all, we can't see an cracks of outside through them! It's looking to be a very cozy winter for us! And the prettiest winter yet. I can't wait to share the new floor with you all!

Oh Wait! Here's one!! Forgive my mess..It's impossible to keep a clean house when putting in a floor - at least for me it is. Just look at that floor..



Yarrow is spending the day with all her grandparents at once today..and I'm just along for the ride. Too bad grandparents are always too interested in taking pictures of Yarrow to take group shots of themselves..They walked through town, laughed and played and indulged her in every way..Obviously, she suffering through it.


Let me introduce you to my favorite, new boots! I've been desperately in need of shoes for a while, and when I saw these on sale I just couldn't resist!

Now I wear them everywhere..just like Gossie the gosling!


My mother-in-law made a skirt for Yarrow about a year ago. It doesn't fit her anymore, but..

it makes a fantastic hat! 

I wish I could say it was my idea to tie it up all tight and make a hipster hat out of it, but no..I married a hipster though, and he's good at turning extra little things around the house into hipster accessories. Thanks, Honey!

 Hahahaha! Firefly humor!


And then I found this helpful little list on Pinterest. All neat and tidy for anyone who wants to know.

And that's it for me today! Enjoy the photos, envy the boots, and drink some tea for me while you're reading the rest of the links from Conversion Diary!


  1. I live that comparison between Eastern and Western Catholics. I know very little about Eastern Catholics but would like to know more. Your new floor is beautiful and I LOVE those red boots.

  2. I love lazy picture days! The floor looks AMAZING!!!! I'm so happy for you! And wearing Y's skirt-- so classic! What a cool idea. I wish Paco had skirts. Maybe I could wear his pants?????

    1. If you photos! I want to see you with Paco's pants on your head :D

  3. Boots officially envied!

    NEW FLOOOOOOOOOOR. So pretty!!

    And thanks for the shout-out! I'm so glad you liked the article! And... um... sure? What do you want me to write about? It might not happen till I get these novels finished, but then again it might... sometimes I need something to procrastinate on my novels with. ;)

    1. yeah..I don't know..So I probably won't even come up with something until Christmas, and then it'll be fluid..commitment, you's never really been my thing..BUT I do want you to!!!! :) I'll think, what do you think would be nice to write about? ;)