Monday, October 7, 2013


Today I am..

Feeling..inspired and autumnal. Most of our leaves are on the ground, filling the air with that dying earth scent and making me want to cook down apples, take long walks on wet dirt roads, and drink tea at the window, book or embroidery in hand.
Seeing..the newest cafe in town, an off-shoot of my favorite bakery, beautifully arranged with glass and wood. My patient husband, waiting with me for the tire-shop to open so we can replace our ruined wheel and get back to life.
Smelling.. so much bread, and -strangely- the library scent I didn't expect to find at a cafe. It's cozy.
Tasting..Jasmine tea. It's amazing. floral, but not overwhelmingly so, light, refreshing, and uplifting, like a springtime kiss or a weekend morning.
Listening.. to - I don't even know! The cafe's music, which is beautiful, kind of haunting, and takes me back to my college apartment: record player on the floor, low-bed, dim windows, soft-music and dreams that never let me be truly awake or at rest, but always in that dusky moment between.
Grateful...for road hazard insurance. Because otherwise I'd be paying a lot more for a tire; for Yarrow's good temper and delight in questioning the rain: "What doing rain?" "Being bad, rain?" "Happy see you rain!"
Reading.. letters between my husband and me when we were single and then when we were dating, they're wonderful. I want to write him letters again. And when my desk is set up again I will! husband, who happily took away my littlest critic to walk around the cafe while I wrote this. The look of bright leaves against the brown road, the brown sidewalk, the gray skies. And Jesus, who poked me into visiting Him for a while early this week, making the rest of the days blessed. focus fully, write more, see clearly, and laugh often in this new week. And to have the newly floored half of the house reasonably organized soon! 



  1. I miss the record player on the floor! That was really fun! Love letters never get old! I always mean to put mine in a scrap book of sorts so I can preserve them forever, but so far I haven't gotten that far. Maybe I"ll do that when I"m dead....:)
    Can't wait to see pictures of the new floor ! I love Y passed out picture. Classic.

  2. Ooh, a scrap book! I have them bundled up with twine, which is less preserved, but more attractive - at least, assuming I'm doing the scrap-book ;p


  3. I miss rooming with you and Holly!!! We had so much fun together! And then in Bloomsburg, when we got fat on alcohol and burgers...or would have if we hadn't been working so hard! O memories!

  4. dreams that never let me be truly awake or at rest, but always in that dusky moment between


    You always have such sensory posts. I love it!!