Thursday, November 7, 2013

November Update

All Saint's always feels like the end of Autumn. November is so cold - so wintery. We are burning through the days now, and apart from winter preparations and bundled walks in hunter orange to collect the mail and the packages that always come to our neighbors house instead of ours, life has moved inside again. Hunting season always makes me fret a bit. I sacrifice Luba's comfort to easy my mind - chaining her out in her bright bandana and letting her bark desperately at the house all morning, to keep the hunters away. We've been told by people who would know that the whole town knows we're back here, some have sneaked up to have peak when we weren't home, leading to rumors that we're growing our own " know..stuff.." back here. Which apparently is just fine with all of them, and they have trouble accepting it's just comfrey and mullein..nothing to get excited about.

So we're settling into winter habits; meals of soup and meats; grains and greens - fewer fresh salads and more tea; quiet sewing in the afternoons (I'm covering pillows for the bed and to pile in comfort on the floor); and companionable writing and reading by lamplight late into the night. 

I've ordered two new lanterns to hang on the walls and spread the light a bit more, they've arrived, but I'm waiting for the air to warm up before walking over to the neighbors to pick them up. With our warm, bright floor, huge pillows, and extra light, I think we'll be moving in the coziest winter yet!

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