Thursday, November 14, 2013

Today..late in the Week

Today I am..

Feeling..Warm and cozy! Seth's had a few days off and we've been just enjoying the cool, sunshiny days at home. He split a bunch of wood, there's water heating up on the stove for me to bathe in tonight, and I've drunk a whole pot of jasmine-rose tea. Life is good. husband and daughter dancing to Shakira in the lamplight, adorable! It's this one, by the way:
..and there's nothing like seeing a grown man and a little girl rocking out to happy music!
Smelling.. my newest essential oils, mixed with water and steaming from the stove-top. Patchouli, Rose, and Ylang-ylang...An amazing combination, they smell so... exotic - so REAL yurt buried in snow and tapestried all into abundance. 
Tasting..the bees-wax and olive oil balm I've been smearing on my poor chapped lips all day..with a bit of Sandalwood and Almond added to the balm when I found the oil at my mother-in-laws..not bad..not exactly tasty, but at least it matches the scents filling the air!

Listening.. now we've moved from Shakira to John Prine: "They call our love a back-street affair"..which, I mean, it kind of the song, I mean.. not in my life. Also to Yarrow 'checking your belly-button'..'Oooh..oh...hmmm...Your turn now, Daddy!' It's hilarious. Luba though is not amused.."huft" she sighs from the couch..and then louder - "HUFT" because no one is listening.

Grateful...for a few days with Seth at home! We've missed him these past few weeks of busy-ness at work.
Reading..Havoc in it's Third Year..I don't remember who wrote it, but it was my free-book in thanks for donating to The Gnu's Room, and it's really good! cozy little house, Christmas presents-in-the-planning, and the moon - who's so enthusiastically bright tonight! get going on all the goals I have listed... why is the doing so much harder than the planning????


  1. What is it about Shakira that makes your hips move involuntarily?

    From the profile, Luba looks very much like our Scout! Any pit bull in her? He's the sweetest and goofiest dog!

  2. She's part pitbull, part lab, part mystery, and totally obnoxious... pits are the best dogs ever! -The Neglected Husband