Sunday, November 17, 2013

Today - Sunday Edition

Today I am..

Feeling..Uncertain..I'm heading it to The Transmission Shop to get a flashing AT Oil-Temp light checked by professionals..dreading it just a bit, but not as much as I should be. What does that mean?? I'm also having a really hard time adjusting to the extra darkness this year. It's dark so early, and right now -at 7:30pm - I feel like I should be in bed.

Seeing..Luba curled resentfully on the couch. She was on the bed (NOT allowed) when we came home this afternoon, and she's been trying to worm her way back up there ever since. We have not invited her back up, and she's just so mad about it. Her couch is apparently a dark place of misery and hate, and not the cushion-y, cozy, nest of blankets and pillows it appears to be.
Smelling.. Tonight's pasta - sweet Italian sausage (from our pigs!!), onion, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, capers, lots of kale, and a bit of this amazingly yummy Rosemary and Olive oil Asiago cheese, mingled together on the stove and then mixed with these pretty, multi-colored, multi-shaped pastas..the scent lingers.
Tasting..Belvoir's Elderflower Pressé mixed with a Vinho Rosé .. it sounds pretentious, but it's really just yummy..and the Rosé is from Trader Joe's, so it's definitely not pretentious, right?
Listening.. to the fan on the stove going madly..we're heating water for a bath..hopefully, it's hard to stay motivated when it feels like midnight at quarter to eight.
Grateful...for a beautiful floor, for the chance to purge out all sorts of old things we don't want, and so many writing ideas I'm going to have to lock myself away for a while to get any of them done!
Reading..nothing but my 'how to make cool things to make yourself prettier' book..I forget it's actual title..LOVE that book!
Loving..that I'll hopefully get a bath tonight, and that it won't devastate me if I don't! get a not-financially-draining diagnosis from the Transmission folks tomorrow!

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  1. "How to make cool things to make yourself prettier"? Sounds like fun. :D

    So glad the transmission issue wasn't serious!