Monday, November 25, 2013


Today I am..

Feeling..Sniffly and tired. I think it'll only last the day..I hope! It's cold and so very windy out that I've pretty much kept to the house - stoking the stove and sneezing..but I'll be back up and about tomorrow. These things never last forever, right??
Seeing..Yarrow attempting to stand on my legs and 'wash' the computer while I type..It is not helpful..but it is adorable, and that makes up for a lot.

Smelling.. nothing..I can't smell today, I can only suffer.

Tasting..nothing..I can only suffer, remember?

 Listening.. to the wind..which is loud, often, and occasionally accompanied by the sound of things crashing outside. Not exactly comforting.

 Grateful...for hot, steaming tea, and essential oils on the stove...I can almost smell them, and they freshen the air. And all the herbs we've dried and stored for this winter..and all the seeds we've saved for's nice to have little jars of pretty helpers!

Reading..Meditations on the Anonymous ; with an introduction by Hans Urs Von Balthasar!!!! I just got it in the mail, so I have no real comments on it yet, but the whole concept of the book delights me! 
Loving..the breve my husband brought me from my favorite cafe on his way home from work..I think he kinda loves me ;) get another few scenes written in my little story tonight, and to actually manage to post all the blogs I've drafted for this week!

Studying.. Jeremiah..he always seems so right for the end of November! Don't you think?

Working on.. my story, which is actually decent in parts. And a whole mess of poems.. which are much better than the story, but not done yet!


  1. Jeremiah is so right for the end of November!
    I love that you are writing a story! Yay! When it's finished, may I read it?!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. You can help me edit if you want!! I'm going to need LOTS of help!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving! Did you guys celebrate???

  3. Semi celebrated. We had burgers ... So... Not a traditional meal...