Monday, December 2, 2013



Today I am..

Feeling..Snow!!! On my hands and face..or, I was for a while, it's all melted off me now..but how delightfully 'winter' everything looks! As long as I don't have to drive anyway, I'm happy!
Seeing..the hot teapot full of 'smokey Siberian' tea, and cranberry-walnut bread on the table, along with the Advent 'wreath' and my favorite napkins.
Smelling.. warming pine logs and pig-fat rendering into's an interesting combination.

Tasting..a tangerine..I love tangerines and oranges in the winter!

 Listening.. to the Sisters of Mary of Ephesus' Advent's very soothing and so beautiful!

 Grateful...for my delightful little family, and all the potentials of winter..I have so many plans for this Advent, will I manage them?? Hmmm..I don't know. But some, at least, will be managed, right?! And for a lovely Thanksgiving, and ciabatta rolls!

Reading..Meditations on the Anonymous..still..I'll be on this one forever, I think!

Loving..the even, new road we have, that welcomes even the smallest and daintiest of cars! And watching Seth create beautiful things to sell!

Hoping..for tea time in quiet this afternoon, and lots of writing time.

Studying.. Jeremiah..and Meditations on the Tarot..Advent is a studying sort of season.

Working on.. my story, despite the end of NanoWrimo..I'm not done, I probably never will be. Why was November so short!!!??

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  1. "Reading..Meditations on the Anonymous..still..I'll be on this one forever, I think!"

    Oh, no; what have I done?!