Friday, December 6, 2013

7 Quick Takes

 I'm pretty much obsessed with WWII propaganda right now! These are amazing, aren't they! Hitler-in-the-car is my favorite..but they're mostly all gems. Except the completely racist anti-Japanese ones..those are overwhelming me with thoughts of 'really people!'


Happy Feast of St. Nikolas!!!! We had our boots on the table, and this morning I found wine, cheese, and chocolate tucked in mine! And a copy of the Rublev Icon of the Trinity set behind the boots 'for the whole family'! Luba was resentful because she doesn't have any boots, and Yarrow kept reminding her: "Baba has paws! You have paws Baba, you don't wear boots!"  So Luba sulked on the couch and then tried to steal all Yarrow's chocolate. St. Nikolas knows, Luba, and you are getting nothing for Christmas unless you do something amazing really soon.


Speaking of Christmas, I'm pretty much failing at getting anything ready for gift-giving. That has to change..but not today. Tomorrow might be a good day to start..or Monday, definitely soon..but not today..I don't even know where to start. But if I spend another day on Pinterest, I might just come up with a few more ideas for me..'cause that's helpful.
Wine ice cream. 5% alcohol. Where, and when!?
Like this! 5% alcohol AND ice cream!!!


Or this! Oh..wait..Seth won't sell to me

 See how hard my life is! What do you give the guy who can pretty much make anything beautiful? I have a thought..but I don't know..maybe it'll work..if I can get my act together in time!


I found this fantastic, interesting little collection of Saint's advice regarding spanking.. check it out if you're at all interested! I wish Dr. Popcak hadn't just turned it into an advertisement for his own book..I would have preferred more reflection instead. But maybe that's just an invitation to me..I need to get back to regular blogging anyway..the collection of quotes is delightful though!

Yarrow appreciates all the Saintly love!

Firefly Malcolm " Mal " Reynolds....This part killed me, I was dying laughing
..because Firefly is always relevant.
curse you and your sudden but inevitable betrayal, firefly serenity by Olive Hue Designs 

Life is a little slow right shouldn't be. I should be doing Christmas presents. But it is, which means I get to do lots of planning and not a lot of doing..Lots of reading Meditations on the Tarot, lots of making candles and rendering lard, lots of crawling around on the floor with Yarrow, playing games where we are other people, and lots of jasmine tea.. I'm glad that Advent is this sort of season for us right now, and not the season of debt, stress, sobbing breakdowns in big stores, and traffic jams..(are there traffic jams in Maine? I haven't experienced one yet). I feel like I might end up paying for all this rest in the next few weeks, but maybe not..maybe this is just my life. Hopefully! And Blessed Advent everyone!


  1. Firefly SQUEE! Lou and I just picked back up after a month of not having time... and we watched two episodes, the one where they take on an Alliance hospital and the one where Wash demands to take Zoe's place in the action.... they were both fantastic!! But those "two by two, hands of blue" guys are just about the creepiest things I have EVER seen on television. I wasn't excited to go to bed after that.... Poor River; I LOVE her.

    And I feel your pain--Lou is impossible to buy for! He has very specific and limited tastes and he doesn't want a lot of extra junk in the house (he's usually conspiring to get rid of things). Fortunately for me, he likes Guinness a lot, so at least his stocking is easy to fill. :)

    I should be doing Christmas presents, too! Instead, I keep saying oh, I can have this book edited by early December, and sure, I can direct the choir on this piece for the Christmas Masses, and eh, I can have this audio file cut and polished in the next couple of weeks, and... yeah. Let's just say I shouldn't be checking Facebook and the internet for a while! But a girl's got to have SOME down time. :D

  2. I love the 1940s Propaganda posters! Hilarious!
    Jenna-- Woo hoo for Choir!!! I hope it goes well!
    Shouldn't we all be doing Christmas presents? Sigh. Why is it so hard?!!!
    EXPECT some gifts from me in the January or FEb. But they will get there!!! :)