Sunday, January 12, 2014


Feeling..refreshed. Motivated. Calm. Hopeful. We missed mass today - our road was just too icy, and no one had sanded the hill - maybe because no one could make it up or down the hill - but I'm hopeful tomorrow will be better, more textured, less slippery. Say a prayer for me! altar for the new year, with the Virgin, her candles, a tiny Icon of her parents, my little Polish Divine Mercy image, and a matryoshka. I love it!
Smelling.. cardamom-patchouli-rose incense, ylang-ylang and beeswax from the candles on my tiny altar, and jasmine's sort of a heady combination, and is at least partially responsible for my calm & hopeful state of mind.

Tasting..a whole pot of jasmine tea - it tends to get bitter quickly, so I try not to let it sit too long. I could take out the tea-ball, I know, but I never do.

 Listening.. to our 'different is good' radio station..I've heard 'Most People' and the Cure, and 'the Maine, Green minute' - telling me to winterize my bike so I can run errands on it all weekend..they don't know my road, I think.

 Grateful... we made it home Saturday, before the icy-rain made it impossible to get in or out of our Lane. We're trapped, but at least we're trapped at home!

Reading.. the Missal - I want to get the propers of the day, seeing as we missed them.

Loving..the new dishes my husband gave me for Christmas, and the bright new kettle St. Nikolas hung on the tree for us all.

Hoping..for a safe trip out to the store sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Studying.. I'm back to Meditations on the Tarot now that Christmas is over, but I'm thinking of interspersing it, just so I don't have to keep repeating myself every week. 

Working on..  a new wardrobe - I've got my patterns out and my good fabrics, hopefully this week will see me finishing the dress I'd intended to make back in July!

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  1. I never take the tea ball out either! Who does that? A new wardrobe sounds so much fun! Good Luck! I hope to see lots of pictures! Stay warm!!!